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UEFA Champions League Group Stage draw: How to follow

Get all the info you need before the pots are divided up later today.

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

Arsenal will learn the names of the three other clubs they'll be drawn against today as UEFA draws out their eight groups for the group stage at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

I believe many here know but, in case there are a few who are still new to this competition and its obtuse rules, I'll bring this bit of information up one more time: UEFA changed their rules surrounding the clubs that constitute Pot 1 clubs, starting this season.

The Champions League winners from the previous season will automatically be placed in Pot 1, along with the league champions from the seven-highest ranked leagues. In the case of this year, where Barcelona won both the Champions League and La Liga last season, UEFA elevated PSV Eindhoven, champions of the Eredivisie - the eighth-highest ranked league in UEFA - into Pot 1.

As a result, Arsenal, and their UEFA coefficient - which is used to determine, in ascending order, what pots the remaining clubs who've qualified for the Group Stage will be in - fall in Pot 2 for today's proceedings:

The Group Stage matchday one kicks off on September 15th/16th.

What: UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw

When: Approximately 12:45pm EDT / 11:45am CDT / 10:45 MDT / 9:45am PDT

How to follow: You can stream the draw on UEFA's website, as well as following all the action on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.