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Tuesday Cannon Fodder

stuff and more stuff.

he can't think of anything to talk about
he can't think of anything to talk about
Clive Mason/Getty Images

This is your Tuesday installment of Cannon Fodder - a place where anything goes.

You know the drill, just be cool. Anyway, the last one of these talked about comedy - this one's really more up to you. Got something you want to talk about? Great! Bring it up! Last week I said anything goes, and I meant it - you can talk about non-Arsenal soccer, you can talk about other sports, you can talk about movies, TV, books, summer plans, fall plans, food, beer, wine, anything - as long as "anything" is within TSF's site rules. What are those rules?

- No politics
- No religion
- No being a jerk to someone else

I mean, I'm not sure how much plainer I can be - this space is whatever you want it to be. It's up to you to make it awesome, and I have no doubt you'll do just that. I may drop a few prompts in the comments every now and again, but otherwise, go to town.