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Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Preview, how to watch

Liverpool come to London.

is it just me or is this the most awkward hug ever
is it just me or is this the most awkward hug ever
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
English Premier League
Monday, August 24, 2015
Emirates Stadium, London
Form: ARS woke up, fell out of bed, got up, walking OK now | LIV bounded out of bed ready to take on the day
US TV: NBCSN | Worldwide TV info:

The Arsenal we all expected to see week one finally showed up last week, for the most part, and though the win required some help from opposing player Owen Goal, a win was indeed the result, and the season is now starting to go the way we all hoped it would two weeks ago. A little more fluidity and solidity would be appreciated, but the win was important for confidence, if nothing else.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have gotten off to what sportswriters would lazily call a "flying start" (it's not lazy when I reference it, it's meta!), having won away at Stoke on opening day and then beating Bournemouth at Anfield last week. Neither win was particularly easy, though - they were extremely lucky to win against Bournemouth, having to rely on a referee not calling a clear offside on their goal.

As far as health, for Liverpool Jordan Henderson is a doubt, having suffered a foot injury for which he was hopped up on goofballs taking painkillers last week, and had to be subbed out in the second half, but otherwise both Liverpool and Arsenal suffered no new injuries.

Christian Benteke is the most obvious threat for Liverpool; if Arsenal can keep him contained, they should be able to control things pretty well. As long as last week's Arsenal show up, that is. Also: if Olivier Giroud starts, it will be his 100th start at Arsenal, which, yay round numbers!

What better way to celebrate a 100th appearance than with three points? No better way!