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Arsenal team news: Wilshere "making good progress"

But, you know, don't get your hopes up too much.

David Rogers/Getty Images

Ahead of the rapidly-approaching Monday match against Liverpool, Arsène Wenger gave some updates on the squad's health status. To make a long story short, not much has changed since the last check-in. With no new injuries and no suspensions, the squad for the Liverpool match should be essentially the same as the one that faced Crystal Palace last weekend.

Arsenal are still missing out on three regular first-teamers with injury, but it sounds like one of the three is starting to get close to fitness.

Rosicky is progressing nicely but he is far away. Wilshere should be the first back from those players, he is making good progress.

Judging by context clues, Danny Welbeck, the third injured player, is somewhere other than "making good progress," as he went unmentioned. There's speculation that he could be back in training in one way or another by the end of the month, but until we hear it from Wenger, I remain skeptical.