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Community Shield 2015, Arsenal vs. Chelsea: Live stream, TV schedule, match info and more

hi let's watch a soccer game and stuff

don't know why this was here but whatever
don't know why this was here but whatever
Phil Cole/Getty Images

Hi there! Today is a soccer day. On this day Arsenal will perform acts of soccer on the field at Wembley Stadium at the same time as Chelsea, and as such will hopefully perform more soccer than them. Here we will discuss said soccer. Do so with a relative amount of restraint and pleasantness, and avoid sharing illegal feeds and we'll all be good. Thank you.

Where to watch

In the United States the game will be available on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 Go. In the United Kingdom the game's on BT Sport 2, as well as BBC Radio. In Kenya and in Nigeria you can catch it on SuperSport 3 Africa. If you live elsewhere, check here to see whether your nation has an available legal way to watch the game. Otherwise I can't help you.