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Cannon Fodder: A New Approach

Same concept, with less work on my part. A win!

Wenger wants to know what's on your mind
Wenger wants to know what's on your mind
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Last week in the comments, it was expressed that y'all would like to see a more regular off topic place to hang out and just shoot the (electronic) shit or whatever. That was the original intent of Cannon Fodder, and for the most part it's been working, but due to work commitments and other life stuff, cannons have not been foddering as regularly as I or, I assume you, might want them to.

So, in an effort to be more regular in posting these, the concept of a Cannon Fodder without links was also brought up. I like this idea - it makes this more of a free-for-all space, and any links or interesting things that y'all want to talk about are fair game. How's your summer been? Seen any good movies lately? Heard any new bands you're excited about? Any good recipes? Got any pets you want to share pictures of? That's what this space is for. That, and other things.

"Anything" means, of course, anything within the site rules - no politics, no religion, that sort of thing. But, anything else is fair game. In a "typical" week, I'll aim to put this post up twice - probably Tues/Thur, although game coverage might shift that a bit.

So, without further ado - has anyone ever pinpointed the right amount of ado? - away we go.