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Man Of The Match: Mesut Özil

Özil gonna Özil, y'all

Julian Finney/Getty Images

That was much more like it. Arsenal started at a million miles an hour - they didn't turn a few great early chances into goals, but it always seemed like a goal would come. And, as usual. one of the main orchestrators of all things good for Arsenal going forward was Mesut Özil, our unanimous choice for Man of the Match.

His influence was first felt in the 7th minute, with a slick little pass to Alexis that unfortunately Alexis couldn't turn into a goal, but that would be far from Özil's only contribution on the night. In the words of at least one TSF author, he was "sublime" - this team has been blessed with some amazing passers and movers in Arsene Wenger's tenure, from Bergkamp to Pires to Ljungberg and so many more. Özil absolutely belongs in the conversation headlined "Best Arsenal passer in recent memory", and if he keeps having games like he did yesterday, he'll be Bergkampian.

Seriously, just watch this and be in awe. But watch it with the sound off, because the music is horrible.