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Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace: How to watch, discussion

Let's hope game two is better than game one.

He will be better
He will be better
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Arsenal v. Crystal Palace
English Premier League
Sunday, August 16, 2015
5.30 AM PT/8.30 AM ET/1.30 PM BT
Selhurst Park, London
League Form: ARS yeah, uh, about that | CPL as of today, automatic CL qualifiers
US TV: NBC Sports | Worldwide TV info:

The great thing about sports is how relentlessly forward it looks. Last week sucked, but guess what? Last week's done, it's over, it can't be changed, and it doesn't matter any more. Hasn't mattered since the final whistle. All that matters now is today. And next week, all that will matter is next week.

But today matters, and today's matter is the short trip south to see Crystal Palace. They'll have confidence coming off a 3-1 win on their opening day, but again, that's in the past - today's all about today. And today, Arsenal have a great chance to make everyone remember why they were being talked up by some as title favorites; hopefully they'll take that chance and the season can get off to a proper start.