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Tomas Rosicky out two months


Who knew he was such a big Ronnie James Dio fan
Who knew he was such a big Ronnie James Dio fan
Ian Walton/Getty Images

In news sure to warm the heart of even the most hardened narrative-loving sports fan, Tomas Rosicky had surgery on August 4, and will be recovering for "four to eight weeks". He suffered the injury over the summer, in European Championship qualifying, and missed the Community Shield because of it. Now comes the news we all feared and didn't want, that he went under the knife. Or under the arthroscope. Whichever.

If we take that recovery period from the date of surgery, at its longest, and literally, that puts him back in time for Manchester United on Oct 4; injuries, of course, do not provide tidy linear recovery progressions though, so that's mostly just an estimate.

It's super annoying that Rosicky's out; Arsenal have the depth to cope, sure, but if this keeps happening, that depth will start to get sorely tested just as the fat part of the season approaches.