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NBC Sports renews Premier League coverage in the US for six years

This is good news.

Petr applauds you too, NBC
Petr applauds you too, NBC
Julian Finney/Getty Images

I work in IT, and I have been a part of dozens of product launches and implementations in my career.  I don't work in broadcasting, but I have rarely been as impressed with a launch as I was with NBC's launch of Premier League coverage in the 2012/13 season. They have yet to put a foot wrong; their broadcasts are top notch, their regular shows are solid, and their production values are far better than any other soccer broadcast available in the US.

There's also the fact that in the US, we have the ability to watch every single Premier League game of the season, either live or streaming, which doesn't even happen in the country that hosts the league. We in the US are pretty spoiled by NBC's coverage and promotion of soccer.

Today, we got news that our soccer-watching cup will continue to runneth over - NBC and the Premier League announced a new deal that runs through the 2021/22 season, ensuring that the US will continue to have the best, most comprehensive coverage of the English game anywhere in the world.

As someone who used to have to go to newsstands (ask your parents, kids!) to check out three-day-old issues of the Sunday English newspapers (ask your parents, kids!) to get results, and who used to listen to the BBC World Service at about 2AM on a Sunday if I couldn't wait, this is a fantastic time to be alive. I love that I can be at the gym on a Saturday and watch Arsenal on a treadmill, or watch extensive match highlights on the bus. And NBC does a fantastic job all around, so this is definitely good news.