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Hector Bellerin reveals new shirt number for upcoming season

Gone, thankfully, is 39. What a truly awful number that is.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Most of the Arsenal players who will be traveling to Singapore for next week's Barclays Asia Trophy have resumed training, and with preparations underway pictures have started to come out from their sessions at Colney.

Hector Bellerin has been part of the training, and today he took to social media to not only show a pretty sweet shot of him in mid-stride, but also point out a difference between last season and this upcoming one:

While still not a traditional number for a player who'll be getting quite a bit of playing time, this certainly beats the pants off of 39, which hopefully never sees the day of light again because damn what a strange, odd number that is.

And even still, this move to 24 seems temporary because, one day, Mathieu Debuchy will depart and leave the traditional 2 behind for Bellerin (or Carl Jenkinson!).