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Theo Walcott gets in on Jeff-a-mania


David Rogers/Getty Images

As we transition from a blog about Arsenal to a blog about Jeff Reine-Adelaide, it appears the club itself is doing the same. "Jeff" is the word on everyone's lips, and today we hear more about him from Theo Walcott. Turns out Theo also thinks Jeff is good!

For 17 he’s confident on the ball and he wants to express himself as well, which is important. It’s always nice to see a young player not be shy on the ball. Even if he makes a mistake he wants it again, which is a good sign.

Getting that assist at the weekend just shows he’s got that touch in the final third where it matters most, and he’s got a good physical presence about him. The most important thing is not to put too much pressure on the young guy’s shoulders.

He’s still got a lot to learn but he’s at the best club to do that with the best manager as well. He’s definitely got some skills and he’s very talented, I’ve got to admit.

Of all the people to guide him, Walcott would be near the top – he's got experience as a successful young Arsenal player.

I was completely starstruck when I first came here, so he may be in the same boat as well. It’s always quite surreal when you walk into the dressing room and you’re training with guys that you use to play as on FIFA.

It may take a while just to get used to that but when he plays games he’ll forget about that because he knows he’s good enough to be here. That’s why he’s been given the opportunity to play and if he gets that in his head, he will go far.

The era of Jeff advances apace.