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Introduce yourself to The Short Fuse!

The season's about to start. Let's talk about ourselves!

the second best AC/DC singer
the second best AC/DC singer
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Long time reader(s) of The Short Fuse will know that one of the things we as mods love about TSF is the community we've built. All thought-police joking aside, we've got an awesome bunch of people here on both the writing and the commenting side, and it's one of the things that makes me happiest about TSF being a thing.

In an attempt to broaden and deepen our little corner of the internet, once a year, prior to the season, we like to introduce ourselves a little bit, and give people in the community the chance to do the same. It's just a nice icebreaker, and I hope that not only long-time posters will talk a little about themselves, but also that if you read TSF and never comment, that at least you take the time to do so in this post - we'd love to hear from you!

So, with that said, let's roll on with the introductions, shall we? You can obviously say whatever you want (within the rules, of course), but here's a few questions you could answer to help you get started, complete with my answers. Please - supply your own answers, don't copy mine, because that's lazy.

Real first name (if you'd care to share it - don't feel obligated): Paul
Where you live right now: Portland, OR
Where you're from: Seattle
How long have you been an Arsenal fan: Since 1991-92
How long have you been reading The Short Fuse, and how did you find us?: Since Day 1. I had been a longtime reader/commenter at Lookout Landing, SBN's Seattle Mariners blog, and when TSF launched I was very happy to start pestering people here as well.
How did you become an Arsenal fan: After spending a bunch of 1991 in England, and seeing several games in several places. I was given a pile of videotapes of old Arsenal matches by am Irish coworker/Arsenal fan when I got home because he was amazed I didn't have a favorite team yet. I watched four or five and I was hooked.
Give us a non-Arsenal fact about yourself (favorite hobby, band, tv show, whatever you want): I'm a pretty avid bicyclist, and I'm supposed to be riding a century bike ride on Saturday, for which I haven't trained at all. Plus, it's supposed to be in the upper 90's on Saturday. I might die. But it'll be fun. I also like beer.
What's the last song you listened to before reading this post? The Hold Steady - Barfruit Blues

Your turn!