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Szczesny moves to Roma on a season-long loan

The arrival of Petr Cech proved too big a hurdle for the Arsenal stalwart, it appears

this isn't Woj, but our photo editor is broken again
this isn't Woj, but our photo editor is broken again

Rumors were that David Ospina, and not Wojciech Szczesny, would be leaving this summer following the signing of Petr Cech. Turns out, those rumors were incorrect.

Whether truly driven by his own desire to play this season, or perhaps a few clues dropped from the club about where he stood in the long-term at Arsenal, Szczesny has left for Serie A side AS Roma on a season-long loan, with further uncertainty about his place in the pecking order following the upcoming season.

At Roma, Szczesny will at least be able to play on a regular basis in order to maintain his grip on the starting spot with Poland's national team; currently, Poland sit atop their European Championship qualification group, ahead of World Cup champions Germany by a point with four matches left to play - one of the remaining matches is versus Germany, in Frankfurt.

Szczesny beset spectacular individual and season-long performances with questionable behavior both on and off the pitch, and while the 25 year-old is still regarded as one of the top young keepers in the game, perhaps a move away from the club that raised him into the player he is today is best for all parties.

As we all move forward together in the Cech era, I'd like to wish Woj nothing but the best of luck in Italy.