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WATCH: Jeff Reine-Adelaide shines against Wolfsburg

Jeff FC, not Arsenal FC imo

"wait, why is everyone so interested in me all of a sudden"
"wait, why is everyone so interested in me all of a sudden"
David Rogers/Getty Images

The world is buzzing today after the stunning Arsenal debut this weekend of future Ballon d'Or winner Jeff Reine-Adelaide. Few saw it coming, but we are now living in the Age of Jeff. This is Jeff's world. So let's embrace it.

The highlight packages from the Emirates Cup are pouring in, and to quench everyone's desperate thirst for more Jeff content, here's his. All jokes aside, as impressive as he looked watching the game live, he looks even better here in this compilation (which I guess isn't all that shocking, but still). His movement is really impressive, and while his decision-making definitely needs the growth that will come from experience, you can definitely see what Arsène Wenger saw in him when he decided to sign him.

And if you want an EVEN LONGER VIDEO, including Jeff's less fun cameo against Olympique Lyonnais, here's that too. This is your one-stop shop for all things #JEFF.