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Wenger: Walcott contract could be finalized "very soon"

Let's get it done, eh?

David Rogers/Getty Images

The Mirror reported yesterday that Theo Walcott had agreed to a new contract with Arsenal, which would be Good News if official. It is, of course, not official yet – the report says to expect that in the next two weeks – which means we get cryptic messages from the team and everyone around it until all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted, or they aren't.

Walcott himself was asked about it after the game, and said basically nothing. Arsène Wenger was as well, and he said a little more – that it was getting "closer," and while it's not done yet, "hopefully we can finalize it very soon."

While this doesn't mean the deal is 100% going to be completed, it does make me feel more confident in that Mirror report. Wenger sounds pretty confident that the deal will get done, and soon, which leads one to believe it's essentially done at present with only the final details to seal.

With any luck, we should be hearing about a finalized contract within the next few weeks.