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Emirates Cup – Arsenal 6-0 Lyon match report: Well Paid Scientist

Another preseason friendly, another beatdown.

David Rogers/Getty Images

1-0 Olivier Giroud 29'
2-0 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 34'
3-0 Alex Iwobi 35'
4-0 Aaron Ramsey 38'
5-0 Mesut Özil 62'
6-0 Santi Cazorla 84'

It honestly wasn't even that close. Arsenal defeated Olympique Lyonnais without anything even resembling a fuss, and could probably have gotten into double digits if everything had gone perfectly. Your unofficial man of the match was Mesut Özil, who scored a goal, assisted two more, and just was generally all-around awesome. He looked very fit, which is a nice thing to see this early in the season.

An honorable mention goes to young Alex Iwobi, who played well in general but was able to add a very nice goal – his first for the Arsenal first team, even if it was only a friendly. Olivier Giroud had an assist and scored a goal with his shoulder, so let's toss a trophy his way as well.

Curious about how the Emirates Cup table is lining up? Not really? Too bad, here it is anyway. You get a point for every goal you score, because the Emirates Cup rules.

Team Goals Points
Arsenal 6 9
Villarreal 2 5
Wolfsburg 1 1
Lyon 0 0

Arsenal will play Wolfsburg tomorrow, so a win or draw should probably seal the cup for Arsenal, but honestly pretty much anything can happen. We'll see. The preseason treble is still on, though.