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Emirates Cup: How to watch, open thread

It's Cup day!

This guy's excited
This guy's excited
Stanley Chou/Getty Images

The Emirates Cup. The very name connotes awesomeness. You know what else it connotes? That Saturdays from now until May are going to be full of Arsenal games. And other teams, I guess, but who cares. It's just a preseason "tournament", it really, truly neither matters nor should it be used to draw any conclusions about what's going to happen in two weeks' time; but that said, it's Arsenal playing soccer, and having that back can't be a bad thing, pointless friendly or otherwise.

Arsenal play Lyon today and Wolfsburg tomorrow, both at 8.20AM PT/11.20AM ET/4.20PM BT. Both games are streaming on ESPN3. The earlier games, at 6AM PT/9AM ET/2PM BT, are Wolfsburg/Villareal today and Lyon/Villareal tomorrow, also on ESPN3, so that's neat.

Two more weeks until they count. These little kickabouts are entertaining enough, but they're merely appetizers to bridge us to the 9th against West Ham; can't come soon enough for me.

ADMIN NOTE: For those of you who are new to The Short Fuse, welcome aboard! We have a policy, that mirrors SBN's policy, of not discussing or linking to illegal streams to games. I don't care to have the debate about whether they should be legal or not; as it stands, they're not, so please do not post streams, ask for streams, or talk about streams that are not legal.  Thanks!