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Wenger: Szczesny's going to Roma, but he has a future

The goalkeeper needs games, but Arsenal's manager sees him returning to the club.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

According to Arsène Wenger, Wojciech Szczesny's loan move to Roma for the upcoming season is "pretty much done," and as a result Szczesny will not appear in this weekend's Emirates Cup. However, despite rumors of a clause in the loan that would allow Roma to buy Szczesny permanently, Wenger says he still sees a bright future for him at Arsenal.

Szczesny is a top-class goalkeeper - we have three goalkeepers who are top. For one of the keepers, if he can play somewhere that would be good.

I believe he will have a future at Arsenal. I personally rate him highly - you do not take a boy and put him in the first team at the age of 20. He already has huge experience. I don't want that experience at such a young age to be wasted.

It sounds like Wenger doesn't have plans to let Szczesny go on a permanent basis anytime soon, which for me is a good thing. It would be nice to have Szczesny able to work directly with Petr Čech for a season or more, but honestly regular playing time is probably as good an option.