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Petr Čech is enjoying Arsenal very much, thanks

It doesn't sound as if the new Arsenal man has any regrets about his move, so far.

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

Petr Čech has been at Arsenal for almost a month now, and that's probably enough time to make an educated assessment of what the team's like. Good news – he thinks it is good! It really would have been awkward otherwise, but he spoke to the dot-com today to praise the "team spirit" among the players and generally say nice stuff about everyone.

What I’ve found is a group of players who work very hard and who are focused on what they are doing on the pitch to get ready.

I found that the team spirit is extraordinary in the way that everybody pulls in the same direction. This is why I believe that we can have a successful season. We need to have that connection between players to reach the same targets. I’ve only been here a few days but I can feel that the team is together.

He also had some things to say about the actual makeup of the squad, and guess what! That's also positive!

We have a good balance in the team. We have players with a lot of experience and we have young players who want to prove their value by being a part of the first-team squad and playing as much as possible.

There are hungry players, there are experienced players and in terms of the age category we have a good balance. We hope to use that to our advantage.

I don't really think he would have come out and cut a promo on Arsène Wenger or something like that, but it's still nice to hear stuff like this from new signings. Čech was very good in his first Arsenal appearance last weekend, and it should be exciting to actually see him in a real game.