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Yet another amazing Arsène Wenger statistic

The man has been at Arsenal for a while.

"I win again!"
"I win again!"
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Leicester City decided they'd had enough of Nigel Pearson this week, and fired him a few days ago even though he was able to keep them in the Premier League against many, if not all, odds. Why do you care? Well, if we're being honest, you probably don't. I barely do. But the Mirror shared a statistic today that actually made the whole thing interesting.

Arsene Wenger has managed more games at Arsenal than the rest of his Premier League counterparts have managed combined during their current spells with their clubs.


He has taken charge of 1066 Gunners games since his appointment, 68 more than the rest of his rivals have managed when their totals are added together.

That's just bonkers. The number is slightly skewed by certain managers who may have had a spell at the team they currently manage, then gotten sacked, then done a lap around Europe before coming back. Only current tenures count. But hey, it turns out not everyone found a great manager during the Clinton administration and decided to stick with him forever. Who knew?