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Gazidis: Wenger's end date up to him, not me

So sayeth Ivan Gazidis, anyway.

In almost 20 years, he has smiled nine times
In almost 20 years, he has smiled nine times
Stanley Chou/Getty Images

While Arsenal entertain Asia with kickabouts and community appearances, there's not a whole lot going on on this (well, that) side of the world; most teams are knee-deep in their preseason tours, and most transfer business has gone quiet for a bit.  Which makes me happy there's an Ivan Gazidis interview with the Evening Standard to talk about.

In that interview, Gazidis speaks glowingly of Arsene and what he's done with the club - none of which is new news, nor should it be particularly surprising. The key bit of this conversation, though, is this, when Gazidis was asked about the end of Wenger's tenure at Arsenal:

You never know but he's in great health and he's doing incredibly well. He's full of energy and enthusiasm, his hunger is still there, and I'd never put an end date on it.

Which is exactly what I would hope he'd say - that Arsene chooses when Arsene goes. He's earned that. Gazidis also touches on Arsenal's financial situation a bit, which in a few words is "strong but not Real Madrid strong". He emphasizes the need to develop youth alongside the buying of the Özils and Sanchezes of the world as a key to Arsenal's future successes.

Also: did you know Ivan Gazidis worked for MLS for 14 years, helping found that league and eventually becoming its deputy commissioner? I bet you did not.