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Wellington signs Arsenal contract, gets loaned

it's a theme!

have a nice loan
have a nice loan
Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

The human brain is wired to look for patterns, even where they don't actually exist. It's the brain's way of imposing order on the chaos that is the world around it; if things can be ordered and quantified, they'll make sense. So, in that respect, it could be called a pattern that, for the second time in two days, an Arsenal player signs a new contract and then is immediately loaned out. You could call it a pattern, but you'd be wrong. This is more a coincidental bit of timing than anything.

Today's sign-and-loan is one Wellington Silva, the 22 year old Brazilian forward. No news just yet on where he'll be playing this next season, but, according to the article, "A number of Premier League and Championship clubs have already been alerted to Wellington's availability", so it sounds like he and the club will have options, which is good because hopefully he'll find a club that will fit the way Arsenal want him to develop.