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Arsenal away jerseys revealed tomorrow

Are they yellow? Are they gold in an argyle pattern? Something else entirely?

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Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

As part of the Arsenal-in-Singapore festivities, Arsenal kit sponsor Puma is announcing a live away jersey release extravaganza set for 9 am ET tomorrow morning. The event will include questions Tweeted over by fans, so if you want to play the be-part-of-the-event lottery and help shill for Puma from your Twitter account, make sure it's being directed to @pumasoccer and includes the hashtag #arsenalforever. (If you want to give @theshortfuse a heads-up in those as well, go for it.)

Though there have been photos circulating on the always-accurate Internets that the new uniforms are a Dortmund-like yellow with black accents, there are more recent photos that show a decidedly gold jersey with blue sleeves. What's more, there appears to be a diamond, argyle sort of pattern to the fabric. (And you might notice that the Puma promo on their website has a really, really gold background.)

Look for a color update here tomorrow morning.