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Jenkinson signs new Arsenal deal, goes back to West Ham

Monday morning comes with news!

"West Ham is in East London? I'm confused"
"West Ham is in East London? I'm confused"
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Carl Jenkinson is a very English name, and he's a very English player. Arsene Wenger wanted to build an English core of the team a few years ago, and to that end tied up the Walcotts, Oxlade-Chamberlains, and the like to long-term deals.

Looks like Jenks is next in line for that treatment, with reports coming today that he has signed a new five-year deal with the club:

And with that loan, as you saw, comes news of his loan spell to West Ham being renewed for another season. Overall, this is good for Carl; he'll get more playing time there, and hopefully return to Arsenal this time next year ready to claim a full time place in the squad. Or maybe he'll get sold to West Ham permanently. Either way, he'll play a lot this year, which is what he's looking for.