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Player Of The Year: Your Turn

We've had our say. What say you?

I know, Per, it's not right, but someone had to be left off the list
I know, Per, it's not right, but someone had to be left off the list
Clive Rose/Getty Images

So there you have it. You've seen all the articles talking about the players we feel should merit at least consideration for the prestigious Short Fuse Player Of The Year award - an award that confers legendary status on one single Arsenal player, a status that will be recognized and acknowledged for generations to come.

It's a status that players will be so proud of, they'll probably get tattoos referencing it, or name a child after it - I mean, Poty Sanchez has a nice ring to it, as long as it's pronounced Poe-tee and not Potty I guess. A status that is so powerful that it may in fact bend time and space to the will of the winner - we don't know, we haven't wanted to risk it before now.

But now, it's time for you, the readers of this august journal, to confer that status. Now it's time for you to vote. Here again are the candidates:

Nacho Monreal

Francis Coquelin

Santi Cazorla

Mesut Özil

Hector Bellerin

Olivier Giroud

Alexis Sanchez

Take a look at the articles again, give it some thought, and vote for your choice in the binding, scientific, extremely objective and absolutely definitive poll below.