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Arsenal's Player of the Year, 2014-15: The Journey Begins

There were a bunch of good players this year. Let's talk about them.

PICTURED: a number of Arsenal players
PICTURED: a number of Arsenal players
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Although we obviously didn't get everything we wanted as fans, the 2014-15 season was a pretty decent one for Arsenal. We won a trophy, after all. You can't complain too much about that. But a good season means good performances, as you would assume, and that can make choosing a "player of the season" kind of difficult. We here at The Short Fuse don't like working too hard, so we're going to enlist your help. Here's how.

Our staff has picked a few options. We're going to write about them individually. Some are obvious choices, some are a little outside the box. But we'll make the argument for each one of them, and once we're through the whole lot we'll have a poll. The winner of that poll will be the Ultimate Grand Champion and official The Short Fuse Player of the Year, 2014-15. Unless FIFA intervenes, I suppose.

Our first candidate will be announced on Wednesday. Prepare yourselves.