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Petr Cech will be allowed to move to Arsenal or Manchester United

His destinations are clearer, but the endgame is not.

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Don't look so confused. Emirates isn't that far away from where you currently play.
Don't look so confused. Emirates isn't that far away from where you currently play.
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Everybody knows Petr Cech's situation. A still-excellent goalkeeper shunted aside by an excellenter, younger goalkeeper, Cech didn't play much in 2015, and that didn't make him happy, nor should it. At first, it was thought that he'd have to leave England to find a new team, because Mourinho probably wouldn't want to sell him to a title rival, but now that stance has apparently changed, at least according to the Telegraph.

That article quotes Jose as saying that the decision is Abramovich's and the board's to make, and also goes on to talk about what might keep Cech in London (SPOILER ALERT: his kids). Whatever the reason, it's definitely interesting news for Arsenal.

I've often said that Arsenal don't actually need a new goalkeeper, but if Cech is actually available, that definitely changes my mind. He's a better keeper than either of the two in-house options, and when a keeper of Cech's quality (I can't decide whether he's World Class or just European Class, but he's definitely Class) becomes available, I think Arsenal need to grab him.

Or they need to at least pursue him seriously until the Glazers outbid themselves and vastly overpay for him, forcing United into another debt-laden share issue to recoup some costs. Sustainable!

I am not, however, looking forward to the endless 'SHOULD WE KEEP OSPINA OR SZCZ' debate that will inevitably ensue.

(H/T to Biff Loman for bringing this to our attention)