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Good news: Arsenal is top of the league

AFC Bournemouth, eat your heart out.

Alexis Sanchez, seen here celebrating the Summer Title
Alexis Sanchez, seen here celebrating the Summer Title
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Typically around this time of year, as the European soccer season draws to a close and summer begins, the league tables reset. For fans of most teams this is entirely irrelevant, but for those of us Arsenal fans who love idiosyncrasy or dumb jokes, it's something much better. This is the time of year when Arsenal are top of the league, and nobody can do anything about it.

You see, somewhere on the list of tiebreakers is "alphabetical order." It rarely comes into play because two teams rarely have identical statistics to the point where it would, but when everyone's played zero games it's the only differentiating factor. Since Arsenal starts with the letter "A," we're usually on top. But this season there was another contender.

AFC Bournemouth earned promotion from the Championship."Af" comes before "Ar," so many assumed that Bournemouth would top the Summer League (which is totally not a thing). BUT NO. The Premier League, for once, has allowed logic and truth to prevail. Throwing "AFC" at the start of the team name means nothing, and once again, Arsenal are atop the league.


We're by far the most alphabetical team the world has ever seen.