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NBC Sports to air Barclays Asia Trophy matches

The new season's right around the corner. Well, not literally. But it feels like it's lurking around the other side, ready to boot us in the head like Cesc Fabregas after a bad call.

Charles Pertwee/Getty Images

Life comes at you fast, they like to say. In this case, it actually feels that way.

In 15 days, on July 15th, the Arsenal will be back and playing in Singapore, one of four clubs taking part of the Barclays Asia Trophy. Their first opponent will be Singapore XI, and the winner and loser of that match will go on to face the winner/loser of the Everton-Stoke City match.

We've all, I presume, have known about this tourney for a few months, but why is this newsworthy now? NBC Sports will be airing all the matches through Live Extra, with all but the third-place airing on NBC Universo, their Spanish broadcast arm. The decent news in this schedule release is that the first Arsenal match, which is on a Wednesday, airs at roughly 8:20am EDT, so most of you won't have to wake up extremely early to catch it.

Below is the full schedule of the tournament:

July 15th:
5:50am EDT - Everton vs. Stoke City
8:20am EDT - Singapore XI vs. Arsenal

July 18th
5:50am EDT - Third-place match
8:20am EDT - Final