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Q&A with the Ombudsman

In which I attempt to steer this ship out of the shoals of mediocrity.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Good day! This is my first "solo flight", as it were, into interaction with the community here at The Short Fuse. Since my appointment a couple weeks ago, I have been keeping an eye on how TSF operates, how it interacts with its community, and things like that.

The overall goal, as I stated in my introductory interview, is to make The Short Fuse a better place. Better for the readers, better for the authors, and, if I may be so bold, better for the sport as a whole. The first step down that long, winding road is to get a sense for what you, the readers of this somewhat august publication, would like to know about The Short Fuse - whether it be about why they do things the way they do, what their decision processes are, or any of the "behind the scenes" activities that go into making TSF what it is today.

What do I want to know? Everything. Ask about things TSF has written, ask about things they haven't; ask about how they write what they write, and the decision processes they use to get there. Basically, it's time to tear back the curtain on this circus sideshow and look at the great and powerful Oz behind it.

I will be an active participant in this thread - I hope, with the research I've done and the knowledge I've gained so far, that I will be able to answer your questions as they arise, but if you ask particularly challenging questions, I may have to address them in a future column.

Either way, starting today, your voices will be heard like never before! Together, we'll make TSF everything it can be.