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Reports: Petr Čech signing to be announced Monday

"It's getting closer," he said for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

According to the Independent and Jason Burt of the Telegraph, the actually-not-all-that-long Petr Čech transfer saga may be about to come to a close. Both claim that Arsenal will announce the purchase of the ex-Chelsea number one on Monday, for a fee in the neighborhood of £11 million.

The story in the Independent repeats the supposed £100,000-a-week wage that's been agreed between club and player, which honestly sounds about right to me. If this is true, and the announcement actually does come Monday, it's frankly amazing. Monday will be June 29, which would mean that the deal would be completed before July. That doesn't matter a ton in the grand scheme of things, but it's symbolically interesting considering the situation.

We're not only buying a player from a rival, but a very good player, and the rival is Chelsea as managed by Jose Mourinho. I was expecting him to drag his feet and make this deal a living hell to complete, but evidently his boss made him actually do the deal – so if that's the case, then I say this for the first, last, and only time: thank you Roman Abramovich for doing something respectable.