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Grain of Salt: Real Madrid preparing offer for Koscielny

This is...not optimal. It also may not be real.

Probably not going anywhere
Probably not going anywhere
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Arsenal are no longer a "selling club". It's debatable whether they ever were, really, as much as they were a club who had a budget to be stuck to while they built a stadium, but that may just be semantic gymnastics on my part. Anyway, Arsenal are no longer in a position to have to listen to offers for their best players, or where their best players want to go fulfill their ambitions somewhere else, which is nice.

It also makes this story in today's Mirror somewhat worrisome. It seems that Real Madrid may be kicking the tires on Laurent Koscielny, and may be preparing a bid of somewhere in the neighborhood of £21 million for his services.

This is where "grain of salt" comes in, though, for the following reasons:

1. The article cites no source whatsoever
2. Kos has never once said he was looking to leave or that he's unhappy at Arsenal
3. Wenger's not an idiot and wouldn't sell a player who is still productive given that #2 holds true
4. Kos is still a very good player and integral to Arsenal's revitalized defense
5. Did I mention Wenger's not an idiot

Long story short, there's probably nothing to this story, but £21 million isn't nothing, and it got our attention, so here we are. Short a great player coming the other way though - a player whose name rhymes with Schmenzema? - I really don't think Kos to RM is a thing that we have to worry about happening.