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Mail (and no one else) says Cech deal done

Welcome to a slow news day!

that'll look better in red
that'll look better in red
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's not quite a full Grain of Salt, because Cech to Arsenal is a Thing That Is To Happen at some point, but there are still warning signs to be heeded when I share this tweet that came across my Twitter this morning with y'all:

So yay! Cech is done! Says...well, says no attributable source.  The tweet says "more to follow", so we'll wait for whatever "more" is, but the fact that a relatively mainstream, although click-baity, news source says the deal's completed does represent...something. Progress? I don't know. Definitive answers? Uh, not really. But, any way you slice it, Cech is inching closer and closer to Arsenal, and I think I speak for everyone when I say the sooner this gets done, the happier we'll all be when it is.

UPDATE: The Mail's full story says this is a £11 million deal, confirms the rumor that friend of Cech and Chelsea goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon could follow him to Arsenal, and also confirms that John Terry is annoyed that Cech is going to north London. All good things, really.

UPDATE #2, 11AM PT: As people mentioned in the comments, things aren't as far along as we'd thought:

So, yeah.

UPDATE #3, 12.15PM PT: Apparently, according to the Guardian, the only thing remaining is an agreement about the fee. Cech's wages have been settled, but there's a bit of a distance between Arsenal's £10 million-ish offer and Chelsea's £15 million-ish desire. Probably not a major issue, certainly one hopes not enough of an issue for either side to walk away from the deal over, so hopefully the deal inches forwards, soon to be finished.