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Alleged Arsenal target Kondogbia signs with Inter

The defensive midfielder pool has shrunk by one; club in crisis.

I'm reasonably sure this wouldn't have worked out so well anyway.
I'm reasonably sure this wouldn't have worked out so well anyway.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

After a few days of transfer window flurry in which Monaco defensive midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia was set to go to AC Milan, today's reports from the BBC and the Guardian, as well as a "Kondogbia Day in Photos" feature covering his medical and other thumbs-up moments on Inter Milan's official site, show that the alleged Arsenal target will be suiting up in blue and black instead. Apparently, it was a £25m transfer, and Kondogbia is now locked up through 2020.

The Guardian includes this account of the proceedings, which is hilarious to everyone except for Milan fans:

The signing of Kondogbia means that Inter have not only stolen a march on the two Premier League clubs but also their city rivals, Milan. The Rossoneri’s CEO Adriano Galliani told La Gazzetta dello Sport that a fee between the Ligue 1 side and Milan had been agreed last Friday, as well as personal terms with the French international.

"It was all done," said Galliani. "Monaco had given us the all-clear for the sale at €40m with payment spread over two years, €20m and €20m. The agreement with Geoffrey had already been sorted out the night before and was confirmed that same morning by him and his father. After we exchanged the documentation ... everyone disappeared. Evidently they changed their minds or the others offered more."

What it means for the Arsenal summer transfer window (other than missed opportunities for Spendy McWarchester to bellow GEOFFREY DONKEYKONG at regular intervals) is a 20 percent increase in Vidal-to-Arsenal rumors, as well as a re-emergence of William Carvalho rumors, which means that it's time to break out the "Carvalho takes out two players with one tackle" video loop: