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Abou Diaby released

Oh, and some other playerss were let go too.

Wish we could have seen more of this
Wish we could have seen more of this
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Sad, but not wholly unexpected, news today from Colney, where oft-injured Abou Diaby was finally set free to find another employer. As was Ryo Miyaichi, but outside his family - let's face it - no one cares. Sorry Ryo.

If there was a human defnition of "one step forwards two steps back", it's Diaby; dude just couldn't stay healthy enough to make the impact that everyone, from Wenger on down, thought he could make. Every time he'd get a little bit of health, something else would go wrong; if you want some sad reading, check out this graphic detailing every injury he's had since joining the club in 2006. I know, the Mail; but still, the graphic shows the extent of Diaby's issues and is pretty depressing reading.

Injuries suck, and as much as we mock oft-injured players like Robin van Persie for their inability to stay healthy, in Diaby's case it is a real shame. I mean, it's not like Diaby would have been Messi or Ronaldo had he only stayed healthy, but it is truly too bad we never got to see how good Abou Diaby could have been if not for spending almost 50% of his time at the club in the physio room.

I hope Diaby gets healthy, and I hope he is able to continue playing if that's what he chooses to do. This is no way to go out.

Because I respect your effort a lot, Abou, you get not one but two farewell songs.