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Cannon Fodder: The best?

Soccer, in bite sized nugget form

He's so good he can levitate other players
He's so good he can levitate other players
Alex Livesey/Getty Images


John Carver, who has led his teams to a combined 17 wins since 2004 (in 66 tries), loser of eight straight currently at Newcastle, and holder of no cups or titles of any sort, even from MLS, claims that he's the best coach in the Premier League.

Tony Adams reportedly wants to take over Aston Villa.

Memphis Depay agrees a deal with Manchester United.

Chelsea were good this year. Here's how they could be better.

Jimmy Greaves is out of intensive care following a stroke suffered earlier in the week.


Can Juventus save Italian soccer?

Even if they can't, they can at least claim to be Italian champions after winning 3-1 at Sampdoria.

He may not have scored two amazing goals yesterday, but Cristiano Ronaldo can sleep better tonight knowing he is the top earner in world football.

Even the guy who wrote the damn thing thinks the Champions League anthem kinda sucks.


New MLS side NYCFC is...well, they're not very good. They're also trying to find their identity. Which is an unenviable task given that they play in a baseball stadium on a shitty pitch.

Speaking of teams with shitty venues, the New England Revolution have been trying, with varying degrees of seriousness, to build a stadium for themselves since 2006. Those efforts may be gaining fresh steam.

There are some that think Florida could become the US' soccer capitol. There are some who realize that the Pacific Northwest has been drawing 15,000+ fan crowds to soccer games since the early 1970's, and think it's adorable that Florida - former home of the Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion - finally decided they like soccer.

23 women, 23 stories: The USWNT talk about what soccer and the World Cup means to them.