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Arsenal's Twitter account needs to stop with the Face Swaps

You are giving us all nightmare fuel; why do you hate us so much?

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Arsenal's Media Group has produced some lovely, entertaining items over the past couple years, such as "OXTV", "Fact or Fib" staring Kieran Gibbs, the segments where the players discuss their tattoos, and many others.

But one thing they have conclusively failed at, yet keep punishing our eyeballs with, is their notorious Face Swaps. I'll go ahead and assume one of you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, so here are a few examples of some of the horrific images most of us have been subjected to:

And here's the one they published a few minutes ago:

Please stop this, Arsenal. Please. I don't know if you ever look at the responses to your Face Swap tweets, but they're certainly far from encouraging. It's like you're attempting to create the sequel to "Face Off", but with an even-worse plot and script than the original. The world is a much better place without these in existence, yet you keep pummeling our delicate senses with imagery reserved only for the darkest depths of 4Chan. These images are NSFW and, truthfully, not safe anywhere. Andre Marriner already has a hard time recognizing half of our squad, so there's no need to drive any more confusion when he officiates Arsenal matches.

Please, Arsenal. Let today's Face Swap be the last one you ever do.