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Benik Afobe proves Arsene Wenger was wrong to sell him

The Wolves striker has the stat to prove that Arsene Wenger not only missed on his potential, but is about to whiff on the rest of Arsenal's homegrown players

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Having been displaced due to Arsene Wenger's insistence on bringing in excess, repetitive Alexis Sanchez last summer, Benik Afobe was unfairly loaned to MK Dons in August before being sold off as deadweight to Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers this past January for a paltry sum of £2 million.

No doubt spurred on by revenge and seeking out justice for the way Wenger callously and cruely treated him as he rose through the ranks at Colney, Afobe did the only thing a man wanting to clear his name could do, and that's Score Goals. Lots of them, in fact:

Most people assume that Alexis represents a clear upgrade over anything Afobe could ever provide Arsenal, but I dare you to challenge my thought that Wenger was wrong in offloading the vastly-underrated, homegrown striker to various loans throughout the years, culminating with his move to Wolves.

With the long-term status of other homegrown players such as Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, and Jack Wilshere in flux at the moment, it's safe to say Wenger's clearly inept and far in over his head at handling, managing, and elevating England's finest players to their fullest potential. Let Afobe's season stand as the benchmark - or low point - of Wenger's tenure at Arsenal.