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Man of the match: You be the judge!

We couldn't decide, so we're making you choose.

Per thanks you for your interest
Per thanks you for your interest
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Some games, the Man of the Match we want to bestow is clearcut - one guy does so much more than the others that we'd be (even bigger) idiots for not choosing the obvious best performer. Other games, like last week, there were two who work in tandem so well that it'd be unfair to pick just one, because the contribution of the interplay of both was essential to the win.

Then, you have games like yesterday, where almost everyone played like the rock stars they are. In our weekly TSF staff meeting, after we heard from the team performing the upgrades to the TSF jet, we couldn't come to a single, verified Thought Police-approved conclusion to force down your throats, so we decided to present our top two candidates and let you all be the judges.

Our first candidate? Mesut Özil. In addition to having his usual boss-level effect on the midfield, and in addition to his generally fantastic game creating space and confounding Hull's defense by never being in the same place twice, he did this. You can't do that. We can't do that. Mortals can't do that. Özil can.

Our next worthy candidate is Alexis Sanchez. Why? Because, despite fears of being in a "red zone" earlier in the season, he never seems to tire, like, at all.  You know, no big deal, he just scored a couple of really great goals again yesterday, both very different and both showcasing just how amazing he really is.

As I mentioned, we couldn't come to a consensus on this; it's hard when nearly everyone on the team played a fantastic game. So, it's poll time!  Now's your chance to participate in the most important, scientific, rigorous thing ever invented - an anonymous Internet poll - for the honor of bestowing a title on a person we'll never meet and who will never see this! Isn't that amazing? Anyway, here's your poll. Vote early, vote often!