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Hull City 1-3 Arsenal: The Value of Miracles

Arsenal didn't play superbly, but didn't need to against a Hull side that didn't show up.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

0-1 Alexis Sanchez 28'
0-2 Aaron Ramsey 33'
0-3 Alexis Sanchez 45+1'
1-3 Stephen Quinn 56'

Arsenal weren't at their best today, but certainly didn't need to be. Hull didn't show up until the second half, and when they did, it was only long enough to get one goal. Arsenal had three already at the time, so that wasn't really that big a deal.

The first two Arsenal goals were assisted not entirely by Arsenal players, but by a bit of luck. The first, an Alexis free kick, took a deflection off the head of one of the players in the Hull wall, and went in the top corner. The second deserved a goal even without the deflection -- a brilliant ball from deep by Santi Cazorla was brought down well by Ramsey, who took a touch and fired a shot. A defender got a foot to it, but it was a likely goal even without the help.

The final miracle is just Ramsey and Alexis. They're really good, and showed it on this very pretty goal.

The game was sealed even with the single Hull goal, and Arsenal were comfortable enough late to bring on some scrubs like Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott to get some refreshment minutes. Man, having almost everyone healthy is pretty great, right?

The win draws Arsenal level with Manchester City on points in second place (though goal differential still favors City), with a game in hand. Winning the league is out, but second place isn't, and honestly with Manchester United's drooping form, we're probably favorites. It won't even take a miracle.

No song, instead here's a scene from the Neon Genesis Evangelion episode this title is cribbed from.