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Welbeck out! (of Cup final)

Arsenals bags-o'-potential striker's season is officially over.

On his way to the trainer's table, probably
On his way to the trainer's table, probably
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Before the season started, I was very happy about the acquisition of Danny Welbeck. So happy, in fact, that I predicted the change of scenery and fresh start he was getting would result in him scoring 20 goals for his new team.

Turns out I'm bad at predictions.

As we all know, it hasn't quite worked out that way for young Danny. I'm still happy he's a Gunner, and I think he'll do better - if not 20-goal-scoring better - next season, but this season's four goals in 25 appearances is below even what he would want to have accomplished in year one.

And now, his year one is officially over - he's been struggling with a knee injury for a while, and Arsene Wenger confirmed today that Welbz will miss the Cup final. He'll also miss a few England games, but should be fit enough to come back in July for preseason ready to go and ready to improve on his 2014-15 season.