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Arsenal 4-1 West Brom: Reportage and Reaction

Well, that was easy

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Arsenal closed out their Premier League season in style today with a 4-1 demolition of a West Brom team that pretty much defined "going through the motions". A bit of rotation saw Walcott, Coq, and Bellerin get starts, and turned Giroud and Ramsey into late game subs.

The subs weren't necessary, though, as this game was over after 17 minutes. Two Theo Walcott goals and one from Jack Wilshere in that time frame meant that Arsenal could put little bit handbrake on and play a safe game for the rest of the first half, which they did until the 37th minute. That's when Theo completed his hat trick, and that's when the game was well and truly over.

WBA got a dignity goal in the 57th minute, so good for them.  Ospina almost gifted WBA a goal in stoppage time when Craig Gardner's shot knuckleballed off his hands, but it went just over the bar, and 4-1 it ended.

So that's that then - the season is over, the CL qualifiers have been avoided, and now que sera sera, we're going to Wemberlee.