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Arsenal vs. West Brom: TV info, lineups, discussion

Welcome to game 38.

This many games left
This many games left
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal v. West Bromwich Albion
English Premier League
Sunday, May 24, 2015, or as NBC insists on branding it, CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY
Emirates Stadium, London
FORM: ARS: An ice cold bottle of Coke you opened a half hour ago and still haven't finished | WBA: that same bottle, four hours later
US TV: Bravo (yes, Bravo. Hopefully James Lipton will do PBP) | Worldwide TV info:

It's the last match day of the season, and only the Cup final remains after today. Arsenal didn't quite do what I thought they would this season, but it's hard for me to be unhappy with third place, given the injury-riddled start the team had.

So yeah, there's a game today, and I guess that's a thing. My main hope is that nobody gets hurt, and that it's a good tuneup for the Cup final next weekend; after the game, the players will all sign each other's yearbooks and go their separate ways (unless they see each other at camp or at the pool or something) until school starts again in July.

Since this is the last match thread of the season, I and the rest of the staff want to take a quick moment to thank you - our community is a pretty awesome place, and we're really happy that you've helped make this place what it is and look forward to a summer full of tedious transfer stuff before the action kicks off again in July. We couldn't do this without you, and we thank you for coming along for the ride every week.