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Arsenal vs. West Brom: Match preview (sort of)

After this, the Cup final. After that, vacation.

See you next season, stadium that doesn't care because it's a stadium and not a sentient being
See you next season, stadium that doesn't care because it's a stadium and not a sentient being
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal v. West Bromwich Albion
English Premier League
Sunday, May 24, 2015, or as NBC insists on branding it, CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY
Emirates Stadium, London
FORM: ARS: An ice cold bottle of Coke you opened a half hour ago and still haven't finished | WBA: that same bottle, four hours later
US TV: Bravo (yes, Bravo. Hopefully James Lipton will do PBP) | Worldwide TV info:

So here we are. The last game of the season. A game in which there is nothing really at stake - all Arsenal have to do is not lose 3-0 and they will finish in third place.

So really, you can't get me to care about this game all that much - I'll watch, and I'll hopefully see them play better than Wednesday's game, but if they don't, it's basically a shoulder shrug moment for me. Saturday, of course, is the big one, and if Wenger does as Wenger said he might and rotates the squad a bit tomorrow, it's an even bigger indication that you can, and in fact should, take nothing of substance from this game.

Enjoy the fact that this is a game you can watch and not really care about. Enjoy the fact that you have a Cup final to look forward to next weekend. Enjoy the fact that, for the first time in a few years, Arsenal's CL fate doesn't hinge on the last game of the season. Enjoy the fact that (in the US/UK at least) it's a long weekend and you have tomorrow off. Enjoy scrambling to find Bravo on your cable system or satellite provider.

BUT! If Arsenal lose, or play out another dull 0-0? Enjoy the fact that it doesn't matter, and that it if they do, it isn't a harbinger of doom or a sure sign that Arsenal will lose next weekend.

I mean, really. If you watch this game and it doesn't end with Arsenal winning, and if that result does more than make you go "oh, huh, that sure was a thing that happened", it may be time to give sports a rest for a little while, because the distance between "this game" and "stakes" really couldn't be any further apart.

I'm mostly sad that after this, the Premier League is over for another year.