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Arsenal vs. Sunderland: Good, Bad, and Ugly

So, that happened.

This looks so promising, doesn't it?
This looks so promising, doesn't it?
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Usually, it's a lot of fun to go through games and pick out candidates for GBU, but this morning it was like getting stuff ready to do your taxes - not the worst thing in the world, but more laborious than you'd want and a lot less interesting. So, before we get audited, let's do this.


- Arsenal got the point they needed to all but seal up third place, thereby avoiding a trip to Nowhereistanograd for a Champions League qualifier in August. It is still technically possible for Manchester United to sneak into third, but that is highly unlikely, so it looks like van Gaal and co. will have to cut their vacations short this summer.

- Arsenal didn't lose.

- Nobody got hurt.

- Somebody was probably at their first Arsenal match, and probably had a really good time despite the result because it's an amazing thing to go to your first professional sporting event.


- Arsenal created chances. Arsenal couldn't finish those chances, like, at all.

- Arsenal only looked threatening in very limited bursts.

- Arsenal don't seem to realize sometimes that the pitch is wider than the width of the penalty area.


- Did I mention the finishing? Because it was bad. How bad? Apple Maps bad.

- Seriously, the finishing. It was bad.

- Finishing. Was. Bad.