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Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal: Stand There Until You're Sober

Arsenal rescued a draw at Old Trafford, keeping hopes of Not Finishing In Fourth alive.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

1-0 Ander Herrera 30'
1-1 Tyler Blackett 82' (og)

With the loss against Swansea City last week and Manchester City's refusal to do the same this morning, Arsenal at this point are basically playing to stay out of fourth place. Despite the relatively modest goal before them, the team went into Old Trafford and gave a performance worthy of the time we all invested in it, using a late own goal forced by Theo Walcott to secure a draw, and preserve the breathing room they'd earned over Manchester United.

It was a relatively even game, with both sides forcing their share of chances. Arsenal had several opportunities early, a few of which came from Phil Jones errors including one amusing moment where Jones tried to pass the ball back to David De Gea without realizing that De Gea was rushing out to play the ball. De Gea was forced to basically make an instinct save on the pass to prevent Olivier Giroud from running in behind onto an open goal. Of course, Herrera scored right after that, which made it all slightly less amusing.

The Arsenal goal came as the forward line pressed forward in search of the equalizer, and Theo Walcott was able to get a decent angle for a shot. Blackett tried to block the shot and ended up deflecting it in over Victor Valdes (who came in to replace De Gea, who was either injured or catching a late plane to Madrid). It's not three points, but avoiding a loss at a ground that usually (in recent years especially) has been a house of horrors is certainly a positive.