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Arsenal fans to provide official Twitter match commentary, for some reason


I don't know what this is.
I don't know what this is.
Miles Willis/Getty Images

If you've ever had to follow an Arsenal game on Twitter (and if you have a full time job and live in North or South America, that probably applies to you), you know that one of the top resources is the Arsenal official Twitter account. They do a minute-by-minute commentary on every match, which isn't that useful if you're actually watching, but is perfect if you aren't. It's the report of what's actually happening buried among tweet after tweet that's just exclamations of concern and pithy comments about whichever player we've most recently decided isn't any good.

Well, if you were planning on having that for today's game, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. Today's Arsenal feed will be entirely fan-provided -- users can participate by using the hashtag #AFCFansTakeover, and presumably a well-trained social media officer will choose the best tweets and retweet them.

Despite my grousing, this is actually kind of cool. Every now and then Arsenal finds ways to include fan content into their social media and website stuff, and it's a fun way of getting new voices more visibility. So tweet away, everyone, but if you're actually watching the match please occasionally remember to include the score and the minute. Because for some of us, that's all we really want.