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Get your St. Totteringham's Day supplies ready!

The annual holiday in which Arsenal celebrates finishing ahead of Spurs in the table (with math) could come as early as Monday.

Prepare for the annual sounding of "neener, neener, neener."
Prepare for the annual sounding of "neener, neener, neener."
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1995: Bill Clinton was in his first term of office as President, Toy Story, Braveheart, and Die Hard with a Vengeance were among the year's top-grossing movies, and Coolio, TLC, Seal and Boyz II Men were atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It's also the last year that Tottenham finished above Arsenal in the table.

For nineteen seasons running since then, Arsenal has finished above Spurs in the table, and the day on which it's mathematically impossible for Spurs to finish above Arsenal in the table has become a cheeky, in-your-face-Spurs-fans quasi-holiday known as St. Totteringham's Day.

Happily, the math and the scheduling has aligned for a potential St. Totteringham's Day to come, for a 20th straight season, as early as Monday. Follow along as we take a Journey to Maths!

As it currently stands:

Tottenham has played 34 matches, have 58 points, and can get to 70 points maximum (with a +6 goal differential).

Arsenal has played 33 matches and have 67 points (with a +31 goal differential).

This Sunday, Spurs host a Man City team trying to separate itself from Arsenal and Man United to finish 2nd or 3rd and avoid the annual CL qualifying leg ("You've won an all-expenses-paid trip to FENERBAHCE!") for the EPL's 4th place finishers. This Monday, Arsenal's traveling to Hull to hopefully fire lots of balls into black-and-orange striped nets.

If Spurs lose on Sunday: They have a max possible of 67, meaning an Arsenal draw or win on Monday brings St. Tott's Day (note: was going to shorthand that as "STD" and then thought better of it), and an Arsenal loss brings a "so you're saying there's a chance" scenario akin to this:

If Spurs draw on Sunday: Their max possible becomes 68 points, so an Arsenal win brings St. Tott's, a draw brings Arsenal to 68 points plus the massive goal differential (but official St. Tott's celebrations would need to wait a week, unless Spurs win all its remaining matches and Arsenal loses the rest of the way and sheds 25 points of goal differential in four matches), and an Arsenal loss keeps it mathematically possible for Spurs to finish above Arsenal in the table on points.

If Spurs win on Sunday: They'd then have a max possible of 70 points, meaning that St. Tott's celebrations would have to push to next week at the earliest, regardless of what Arsenal does on Monday. Looking ahead to next weekend, Spurs travel to Stoke on Saturday, while Arsenal hosts Swansea for (yes, again) the Monday evening match.

Here's a visual to help:

St. Totts Day Scenarios

While Arsenal is certainly more aspirational than merely finishing above its North London neighbors in the table of late, St. Totteringham's Day is a fun annual reminder to Arsenal fans about the perennial success the team has had -- and our rivals make a terrific measuring stick for that success.