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Friday Cannon Fodder: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

what's happening, soccer-wise?

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In a shocking revelation that is sure to shake the foundations of the game to its core, Arsene Wenger says Jose Mourinho doesn't respect other managers.

Jose also thinks Manchester City should be docked points for breaking FFP rules.

Louis van Gaal thinks that being a tourist cost Manchester United the title this season.

Rio Ferdinand admits that John Terry, acquitted-in-court racist, has had a good season.


In potentially huge news for the lesser lights of Spain, the Spanish government is passing reforms on broadcast rights for the top two Spanish leagues, in which Barcelona and Real Madrid will be forced to share far more equally with the rest of La Liga in TV revenue, using a formula similar to that in use in England.

For a while there a few years back, the Russian League was spending money on players like the proverbial drunken sailor. No more.

Borussia Dortmund reached the final of the German Cup after Bayern Munich missed all their penalties in a shootout.

Juventus has been ordered to close the Curva Sud for two games, after a paper bomb set off during a match - a match at Torino, no less - by Juventus supporters injured nine spectators.


Montreal did not win the CONCACAF Champions League, falling 4-2 at home after a second half onslaught by Club America and losing 5-3 on aggregate.

What will it take for an MLS team to win the CCL? Taylor Twellman thinks he knows the answer, and unsurprisingly, it has to do with money. Specifically, the allocation of money across an entire roster, not just at the top end.

US pointyball team the San Francisco 49ers were going to build VIP parking for their new stadium which is not anywhere near San Francisco. To do so, they lowballed an offer to buy land for that parking, land currently containing soccer fields used by youth soccer groups.  One of those groups protested vehemently enough that the 49ers dropped their bid to buy those fields.

Did you know Tim Howard has Tourette's? He's speaking at a charity event at Rutgers on June 4, if you're in the tri-state area and are interested in his story.

The US Men's team will be playing Guatemala at LP Field in Nashville on July 3.